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October 18, 2016

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February 24, 2017


Fleeting; Idealist's Dream
The longing for an oasis, with the comradery of a bar--the release of relaxing into the fabric of life, no matter how rough it is or who is next to you--without all the negative side effects of alcohol. A book bar. People lounging on well lit cushions reading to their heart's content, the smell of coffee, ink and binding, books of all sorts as far as the eye could see, soft conversation, jovial receptions to the sudden outburst of laughter from someone who just got the thrill of the story, tissues for tears
2.13.17; Bedford, TX
the fridge door that has had coffee creamer in it, for over two decades
2.11.17; Burleson, TX
These jovial screams as the children run around the knees of their elders. Stretching their muscles, mental and otherwise. The scraps of attention that are never enough. Nephews
12.2.16; Sammamish
A flicker of reality, when sleep first breaks, that shoves you back into the realm of the living
Gaslight O'clock; Torn in two
The realization that the feelings everyone has been encouraging me to hide and control are the only things that make life worth living. Changing them is changing the fabric of me. This is how people grow up
Lately; The dark place
Those tiny water droplets that seem to float in the air, as if time has stopped. In the breeze quiver with anticipation of what is to come. Wishing time would stop, yet knowing there is more to come. Curiosity saved this cat
10.17.16; Sammamish, WA
The memories of times that you've been through worse, soft joys of having already scaled mountains loftier than those in front of you

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