Fleeting; Idealist's Dream
The longing for an oasis, with the comradery of a bar--the release of relaxing into the fabric of life, no matter how rough it is or who is next to you--without all the negative side effects of alcohol. A book bar. People lounging on well lit cushions reading to their heart's content, the smell of coffee, ink and binding, books of all sorts as far as the eye could see, soft conversation, jovial receptions to the sudden outburst of laughter from someone who just got the thrill of the story, tissues for tears
February 18th, 2017; Twelfth and Pine, Seattle
The glint of sunset off of skyscrapers, off downtown, off the sound, off the space needle and the Olympics, resting on pillows sharing new vinyl with your sweetie at the end of a day of building Ikea furniture and unpacking timeless emotional baggage
2.13.17; Bedford, TX
the fridge door that has had coffee creamer in it, for over two decades
2.11.17; Burleson, TX
These jovial screams as the children run around the knees of their elders. Stretching their muscles, mental and otherwise. The scraps of attention that are never enough. Nephews
@David the Good
1/31/2017; My Dock
The lake, smooth and calm, all the Cascades lit with the rays or sunset
1/23/17; Sammamish, WA
The winter scent of lavender and mint through love-worn blankets warm as your closest friend reaches-pulls you closer, legs entangled, hearts one painting the Cascadian sky with sunrise, blessings to be waking up with the rest of the earth
June 19th, 2016; Orcas Island, Washington
The Earth Church mountains from which your tribe invented a new poetry written in colors that don't yet exist
August, 2007; Bedford, Texas
The friendly, glowing green elves who helped you learn Erlang that one time when your doctor mis-calibrated your insomnia meds in Bedford
October, 2010; Denton, Texas
The violent hum adrift from your lovingly macguyvered amplifiers before your last indie rock garage band show in Denton, a girl's nightmare flashlight party held together with old tape and regaining dignity on the Tokyo subway
November 2, 2011; Occupy, Portland, Oregon
The proud grin an artist gives her wheatpaste when walking by on an autumn afternoon in Portland; What do we do when we can't be together? Waiting for something to happen